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Coils for the Smok TFV4 Tank 

Low Wattage Coils

Suited to low-wattage mods, and a "mouth-to-lung" draw.

  • TF-T2 - 1.5ohm - "Air Coil"

    • Higher Resistance Dual coil head with 2 more air-holes

    • 20W - 45W 

 Clapton Coils

Suited to low-wattage mods, and a "mouth-to-lung" draw.

  • TF-CLP2 - 0.35ohm - Dual Clapton Coil

    • Large Surface Area for dense, flavourful vapour

    • 30W - 90W

  • TF-T8 - 0.16ohm - Octuple Fused Clapton Coil

    • Highest performance TFV4 coil

    • 60W -180W

High Wattage Coils

Suited to high-power mods with high-drain batteries, for "lung-hit" draws and large vapour production.

  • TF-T3 -  0.2ohm - Tri-Core

    • 40W - 130W

  • TF-Q4 - 0.15ohm - Quad-Core

    • 40W - 140W

  • TF-S6- 0.4ohm - Six-Coil (Three Cores, parallel coils in each)

    • 30W-100w

Temp-Sensing Coils

These coils utilise wire that can be have their temperature limited to prevent burning. Temp-sensing coils must be used with a temperature-control mod.

  • TF-N2 - 0.12ohm Ni200 Nickel - "Air Coil"

    • Nickel 200 Dual Coil Head with 2 more air-holes

    • Smooth Air Flow & Cooler vapor

    • 420°F - 600°F

  • TF-Ti - 0.33ohm Titanium - Dual Coil

    • 450°F-600°F 

  • TF-STC2 - 0.25ohm Dual Coil Stainless Steel** (SS Temp Sensing with Compatible Mods)

    • 350°F-550°F 

 **Stainless Steel coils can be used in standard variable-wattage or mechanical mods without issue.



Coils are disposable consumable parts and as such over time will need to be replaced to maintain a great vaping experience. Typically a coil will last 1-2 weeks before it will need to be replaced.


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