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Still using quality Japanese Organic Cotton wicking and Kanthal wire they look like any other coil , but look a bit closer … these coils have a “SpitGuard “ Mesh over the top to make sure you don’t get a tongue full of red hot liquid when they pop. These coils DON’T screw into the base, the two sections of the base screw together to hold the coil and compress the o-ring. Your O-ring isn’t subjected to sideways force when fitting, so gets to seal perfectly, as they were designed to.

The BIGGEST innovation is the fact Innokin have built a 510 connector onto EVERY coil. The 510 connector IS the coil. So every time you change your coil you get a brand new 510 connector for your atty … no more worn out threads sidelining your favourite atty!

They wick really well and will handle high VG loads ….

A lot of coils promise innovation , but the Innokin iSub coils deliver on that promise like no others.




  • 0.2Ω & 0.5Ω Kanthal coils w/ Japanese Organic Cotton

  • No-Spill Coil Swap System

  • For iSub and iSub G tanks

Pack of 5 coils or 1 coil


Coils are disposable consumable parts and as such over time will need to be replaced to maintain a great vaping experience. Typically a coil will last 1-2 weeks before it will need to be replaced.


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