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This juice is the Fury. You will find it dancing on the tip of your tongue as this hot and spicy apple cinnamon candy cocktail delivers a taste sensation that you will find hard to put down. Pair this Fury with a glass of port or perhaps whiskey.

Note: This liquid has a bright-yellow appearance. This is the cinnamon extract that is not entirely dissolving in the PG/VG blend... nothing to be worried about.

Flavour Profile

Inhale:                 Cinnamon, Notes of bubblegum

Exhale:                 Fruit, Spice

Recommended Steep Time: 3+ Days

PV:VG Blend:            50:50

Nicotine Free:          Contains natural and artificial

Note: "Doubler" option is for customers who mix with their own nicotine. Doublers are concentrated juices designed to be diluted 1:1 with additional VG, PG and Nicotine. Our doublers are provided in bottles twice the volume to make mixing a no-mess process.


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