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Aged in an oak barrel for twelve weeks, this liquid compliments it’s peanut butter and banana cream base with smokey pipe tobacco, pistachio and vanilla notes. A sweet woody bourbon taste may be present, a very welcome addition from the oak barrel. Enjoy this vaping liquid after a minimum two weeks of steeping.

This is a limited run of 52 15ml doubler in 30ml frosted glass bottles.

Flavour Profile:
Bananas, Nuts, Sweet Bourbon, French Vanilla, Caramel and Smokey Tobacco

Pair with: 12-18yr Old Macallan, Lagavulin or Glenfiddich

Recommended Steep Time: 2 Weeks
PG:VG Blend - 54:46
Nicotine Free - Contains natural and artificial flavourings.

Note: "Doubler" option is for customers who mix with their own nicotine. Doublers are concentrated juices designed to be diluted 1:1 with additional VG, PG and Nicotine. Our doublers are provided in bottles twice the volume to make mixing a no-mess process.

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